Woodcarver Gifts Arnold Schwarzenegger a Pipe Shaped like the Terminator

This talented artist's wooden pipe got the attention of none other than the Terminator himself.
Derya Ozdemir

A Ukrainian woodcarver named Max Bogdan and his admiration for the Terminator movie franchise has grabbed the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger's attention.

It all started with a Reddit post where Max posted the pipe he carved for Schwarzenegger's birthday. He probably wasn't expecting the Terminator himself to see it; however, that was exactly what had happened.


Having stumbled upon the post, Schwarzenegger commented, "Wow. This fantastic. It is beautiful. Would you sell this to me?"

Max wanted to gift it to him, not sell it, to which Schwarzenegger replied, "If you insist on giving it to me, I insist on sending you back a signed photo of me using it. Now that it's 2020 I just sign things on my machine and send in email if that works for you. You can send me a message and I'll give you the details."

As a man of his word, Schwarzenegger uploaded the picture of him smoking the wooden pipe, showing it was in his hands, safe and sound. Posting the image link to Reddit, he wrote, "I love it. You're really talented, and I can't thank you enough."

Max was, of course, on cloud nine after the turn of events. He posted an update to his Instagram page which read, "This is probably the best day of my life. I’m very happy and it’s not even about the big money or the many orders. He is a legend and I was able to touch him, it is a great honor for me.

"And by the way, this is an interesting story. An ordinary guy made a pipe for Arnold, and he not only accepted the gift, but also sent a photo with a signature in return. It sounds fantastic, but it’s possible! I am grateful to God that I have lived to this day, and thanks to everyone who helped me in this, I am very grateful.”

A story worth telling his grandchildren indeed! Also, this is a friendly reminder that when you put stuff on the internet, there is no limit to who can see it... That person can happen to be the iconic Terminator!

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