The World Finally Has Its Real-Life Flying Iron Man Suit!

Shelby Rogers

Iron Man's iconic flight suit is one of the most sought-after creations in gadgetry. One man might have finally recreated Tony Stark's signature tech. Surprisingly enough, it's not Elon Musk (who might as well be Stark's twin or Stark himself).

Inventor Richard Browning founded his own company called Gravity to fuel his project. He even partnered with Red Bull on the concept. Red Bull is no stranger to doing crazy stunts and pushing human limits. Each year, the company hosts national Flugtag events where competitors make their own flying devices and then attempt to fly them over a body of water. So Browning's Daedalus Flight Suit seems like the perfect fit for Red Bull. Hopefully, the suit finds more success than its namesake.

Browning strapped small jet engines to his lower arms and ankles. Those engines are powered by liquid fuel stored in custom fuel bladders found on Browning's chest.

The biggest point of debate amongst the public comes not from the technology itself. Most speculation stems from the fact the video was put out on April Fools' Day this year. To the haters, Browning said this on YouTube:

"We almost love that people think this is a stunt! It'll make the next few weeks all the more sweet as people realize the innovation at play here."

Browning also invited doubters and skeptics to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Instagram.

Until we can successfully engineer an arc reactor, some aspects of Iron Man's gear can't be duplicated. Because of those limitations, flight has become the biggest goal for many inspired by the superhero.

However, Browning isn't the first person to attempt a flying Iron Man suit. YouTube star and superhero enthusiast the Hacksmith successfully crafted a pair of jet boots in his quest to piece together the perfect Iron Man suit. Rather than highly flammable fuel, the Hacksmith used battery packs. He even put the propulsion system through several tests.

Whether it's from Browning or the Hacksmith or another YouTube star or even Elon Musk himself, we're ready for the Iron Man suit to become a reality.

Via Gravity Industries


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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