The richest rebuild? A Tesla restorer has created the first 6-wheel Model 3

Cybertruck "will have nothing on this".
Derya Ozdemir

Rich Benoit is known for his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds, whom he which is popular among Tesla lovers due to his Model S and X restoration demonstrations. And, in his latest video, he doesn't disappoint. 

The YouTuber, former Tesla employee Steven Salowsky, and fabricator and welder Joshua Dodge build the world's first six-wheeled Tesla. Before this video, the Rich Rebuilds team had a dead Model S, which they fixed it with a Camaro engine.

When we say six-wheel drive, you'll probably think of heavy-duty off-road and military vehicles like all-terrain vehicles, armored vehicles, and prime movers, and you wouldn't be wrong. It's not clear whether the six-wheeled Tesla can brave such terrains. However, Rich says that the Cybertruck, which is one of the most-awaited products from the electric vehicle company, "will have nothing on this".