The richest rebuild? A Tesla restorer has created the first 6-wheel Model 3

Cybertruck "will have nothing on this".
Derya Ozdemir

Rich Benoit is known for his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds, whom he which is popular among Tesla lovers due to his Model S and X restoration demonstrations. And, in his latest video, he doesn't disappoint. 

The YouTuber, former Tesla employee Steven Salowsky, and fabricator and welder Joshua Dodge build the world's first six-wheeled Tesla. Before this video, the Rich Rebuilds team had a dead Model S, which they fixed it with a Camaro engine.

When we say six-wheel drive, you'll probably think of heavy-duty off-road and military vehicles like all-terrain vehicles, armored vehicles, and prime movers, and you wouldn't be wrong. It's not clear whether the six-wheeled Tesla can brave such terrains. However, Rich says that the Cybertruck, which is one of the most-awaited products from the electric vehicle company, "will have nothing on this".

If you're curious to see what the team is up to, make sure you watch the video embedded above, and as always, enjoy.  


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