World’s Most Powerful Bat Hits the Longest Home Run Ever in Slow-Motion

Let's take a look at the collision mechanics between the ball and the explosive bat.

YouTube has been filled with handy people with innovative minds lately, and the best works, arguably, comes up when they team up to create something that surpasses all of their previous works together.

In this particular video, SmarterEverDay teams up with Stuff Made Here, and they both have amazing channels of their own, which automatically means that we are in for a treat. You'll remember the former as the guy who crawled down a torpedo tube in a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine, and the latter as the inventor who built a robot barber to get his hair cut with scissors. As you'd imagine, this video where they collaborate is not exactly a one which you can see in other places either.

The premise is this: Stuff Made Here's Shane has built a very cool bat that uses powder cartridges and SmarterEverDay has a Phantom high-speed camera that he wants to use to understand the collision mechanics between the baseball and Shane's bat. The whole thing is as interesting as it sounds, so drop your bat, and we will tune in.

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