You Can Actually Die From a Broken Heart

The unfortunate condition happens to women more than men.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know you can literally die from a broken heart? It is called Broken Heart Syndrome and it is, unfortunately, more common in women than men.

Its real official name is Takatsubo Cardiomyopathy which translates from Japanese to "heart muscle problem that looks like an octopus trap." Worst of all, medical professionals don't know what actually happens with the condition and why it happens at all.

What they do know is that a patient usually suffers some kind of emotional trauma and also has some hormones called catecholamines. It is presumed that an increase in adrenaline and catecholamines causes the heart to beat really fast which may possibly result in a fatal injury.

These circumstances literally cause your heart to break. Regardless of what causes it, what happens to the heart is that its apex balloons out and its base contracts. When this happens the heart can no longer eject an adequate amount of oxygenated blood out.

This is when it starts to look like an octopus trap. What happens next? How common is Broken Heart Syndrome? Why is it so hard to diagnose? And what can you do to avoid it? Watch the video to find out all this and more.

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