You Can Make Your Own Lathe at Home and Start Woodturning Today

This easy-to-follow video will show you how to make a lathe from wood at home.
Jessica Miley

How many times have you seen a great how-to project on but don’t have the tools required to complete the design? Incredible woodworker and YouTuber, Matthias Wandel faced a similar problem when he started out. 

But he decided to use his talents instead of his cash to fix the dilemma. Wandel has designed and built a jointer, table saw, and now has made an awesome lathe. 

Wandel shows you how you can set up your own woodshop with homemade tools on his channel. The tools are created from easily available materials and Wandel makes a point to use leftover wood scraps where possible to keep the costs low. 

The video is really well made and goes through the instructions very carefully and in great detail. If you are serious about making the lathe at home though, you may want to consider buying the plans for the build from Wandel’s website. 

The plans that include step-by-step instructions, as well as a 3D SketchUp model, cost just 12 USD. Wandel has other plans available for purchase on his site for building everything from large pieces of furniture to other woodworking tools. 

Having a lathe at home will open the doors to many DIY projects. Traditionally lathes are used to shape wood and metal by ‘cutting’ into the turning wood.