You Don't Need Any Tools to Assemble This Furniture

This Silicon Valley startup has created a furniture line that can be assembled without tools. Campaign furniture comes with a lifetime warranty and can be put together in only 20 minutes.
Jessica Miley

Forget Allen keys or even tools of any kind. A startup company in Silicon Valley has invented a range of furniture that requires absolutely no tools to assemble. Campaign Furniture is designed to be able to move when you do. It can be taken apart with ease and comes with a lifetime warranty of the furniture frames. Their website describes the frames saying: “Our frames have been tested for a lifetime of use. We use laser-cut, cold-rolled steel frames and solid wood legs for strength, high resiliency polyurethane foam for durability, and removable covers for longevity.”

The range currently has a loveseat, a chair and a sofa available in various colors. The design resembles mid-century furniture, with strong, simple lines and minimalist details. Campaign recognizes that people will move several times in a lifetime but a fansite lifestyle shouldn’t mean bad furniture or a reliance on cheap Ikea interiors. The range can be easily assembled and disassembled by two people in less than 20 minutes. The furniture is delivered in 4-7 days after ordering. Prices start from $595 USD for the chair to $1195 USD for the three person sofa. Reducing your environmental footprint is highly valued at Campaign so they have created the chairs to last as long as possible with completely recyclable or biodegradable materials. The frames are made from American steel, while the timber details are crafted from midwestern hardwood.

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