You'll Never Have to Shovel Snow Again with These Driveway Heating Mats

If you've ever struggled shoveling snow, this system is just for you. These mats heat up and melt the snow in your driveway.
Jessica Miley

If you live in a cold climate you’ll know the hassle of constantly having to shovel snow off your driveway. While there are many great gadgets and tools out here to help make the job a little easier it still requires a lot of time and usually a lot of effort to clear your driveway or path of snow. One company has an alternative that means you’ll never have to shovel snow again. The company called WarmlyYours has created an inbuilt snow-melting mat that is designed to be installed underneath the concrete or pavers. During winter the mats heat up and melt the snow in the crucial areas of the driveway. To install the mats, simply clear your driveway area and create a level surface, the mats are then laid down, in the space where your car tires will drive. Once the mats are in place they are covered with aggregate, and then pavers or asphalt can be installed over the top.

The system comes with four variable controls that allow you to adjust the settings to the current outdoor temperature and moisture content of the pavers. Warmly Yours has all your winter heating needs covered. Not only can they save you time from shoveling snow, they also have towel warmers, heated mirrors, and even heated granite kitchen benches.

Via: WarmlyYours

You'll Never Have to Shovel Snow Again with These Driveway Heating Mats


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