YouTuber Answers How Many Slaps It Takes To Cook a Chicken

Have you ever wondered how hard do you need to slap a chicken to cook it?
Derya Ozdemir

On that fateful day two years ago, someone on Reddit asked the question: "If kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy upon impact, how hard do you need to slap a chicken to cook it?"

With thousands of points and hundreds of comments underneath, Redditors tried to do the math and answer the question with numerous YouTubers giving a try of their own. Now, after two years without a definitive answer, YouTuber user Louis Weisz writes that he decided to find an answer "once and for all."

In order to see how many slaps it takes to cook a chicken, he built a chicken slapper robot to find out. After measuring chickens at his local supermarket, he built an enclosure that would keep the chicken contained during testing. He makes a good job of explaining the science behind the machine and whether it is possible to warm the chicken enough to cook it. If you're curious, make sure you watch the video above.

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