YouTuber argues AI art is good for humanity

Vincent Vendetta says AI art is real art and it comes with many benefits.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Artificial intelligence (AI art) has come a long way in a short amount of time. Today’s AI art platforms can create some of the most incredible and outstanding images imaginable.

These are usually achieved through systems such as Midjourney version 4 and DALL-E 2. AI today can even create extremely realistic images that look like photography which means it’s also taking the photography world by storm.

But not all are in favor of AI art. Getty images, for instance, has banned it. 

This is not so surprising. When photography was first introduced many artists argued it did not count as art because it was made by a machine not a human.

Many people today use the same arguments for AI art but how long will these notions last?

Shutterstock and Adobe are already actively integrating AI generated images into their platforms and AI art is even winning art competitions.

Will AI art soon become as mainstream and commonplace as photography? Or will it forever have a series of haters that refuse to call it real art?

In this video, Vincent Vendetta explores all these questions and even argues that AI art is good for humanity. Watch and find out why.

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