YouTuber builds a bike with two half wheels, and it functions just as well as the original

The experiment may be too complex to try at home but it sure is fun to watch.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When it comes to bicycles, we love innovation and ingenuity. In the past, we have brought you stories of a chainless bicycle, a bicycle that runs on water, one with the entire hub removed, and much more.

In this clip, YouTuber The Q builds a strange bike that actually works despite its idiosyncrasies. He does this by taking a regular wheel and cutting it in half.

He then places both those halves on the back of his bicycle (where the second wheel would be) and proceeds to ride the bike normally. He illustrates the whole process of building his strange but operational bike.

He first has to cut through the metal of the wheel to create two halves. He then has to equip the two halves with rubber tires. All this takes a lot of skill and craftsmanship, which means this DIY experiment may not easily be replicated at home, but it is fun to watch.

How does the resulting half- wheel work? How can the bike continue to function without a full wheel? How do the rubber tires manage to stick to two half wheels? This video answers all these questions and more.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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