YouTuber Builds a Cool DIY Raspberry Pi 3 Smart Doorbell With Camera

You won't ever have to get up from your spot to open the door again.

Being quarantined might have gotten you rushing to make new DIY projects to change up your now very, very familiar house. This video comes with a smart suggestion for your doorstep: the YouTuber Hacker Shack shows you how to use a Raspberry Pi 3, or a Raspberry Pi 4, to power a smart doorbell. 

Here are some of its perks: When the guest presses its button, the smart doorbell opens a virtual meeting room and sends an email notification to your phone with a link to the same meeting room.

If you make two of these doorbells, they can join the same meeting room, and you can use this as a video intercom system. Moreover, it could be used as an always-on intercom system for your office too.

Thanks to this doorbell you can have a semi-awkward video call with your guest before they can even come in.

However, this YouTube user has a very good point. "It will be much cooler and safe if the email notification is also capture [sic] the image when someone rings the bell, so you can prepare to welcome the guest or pretend you aren't in home [sic] to avoid people you hate hehe." We're waiting on them to contribute to the codebase. 

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