YouTuber Builds Space Rocket with 1 Million Matches, and It Is Lit

It probably won't take us to Mars. Still, we keep our fingers crossed.
Derya Ozdemir

If you want to see a labor-intensive video with a fiery pay-off, you've come to the right place. This YouTuber built a space rocket in 750 hours and used 1 million matches in the process, and actually managed a successful take-off.

In Buddhist spirit, hours and hours of work vanishes in a few seconds; however, thanks to the slow motion, you can watch the outstanding show of matches and fires closely.

Watching the video and not feeling crazy over the 1 million matches is impossible. We are seriously curious about how he managed to get a hold on the 1 million matches, and also, how does someone have the patience to go through them all? 

The obvious downsides aside, this space rocket probably won't take us to the Moon, and most importantly, it is not reusable. But still, it's amazing to watch how it works so well.

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We give A+ for the thrusters and the alignments. It takes off so well that it is sad to see it looking like a burnt chicken after blazing like the sun in air. 

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