YouTuber Builds the Secret Russian Craft Ekranoplan, and It Can Actually Fly

This YouTuber spied a secret Russian aircraft from the corner of his eye and decided to build it on his own.
Derya Ozdemir

Here is a fun fact: first captured by spy photography in 1967, Ekranoplan is an amphibious sea skimmer. It sent the whole CIA into panic-mode, and a full task force was dedicated to finding out what it was. It was the 60s version of the Loch Ness Monster. 

However, the aircraft was destroyed in a crash in 1980, and it joined the ranks of abandoned sea residents.

This YouTuber, urged by thousands of comments, decided to create his own spin at the famous aircraft. He built a remote-controlled ekranoplan, and he actually managed to fly it after some mishaps. Astonishingly, he builds the aircraft out of aluminum foil tape and foam core!

On a side note, it is not only the YouTubers that have set their eyes on the aircraft. Russia is designing the ekranoplan Chaika A-050, which is set to serve as a multi-purpose vehicle by 2020-2022. They probably won’t use foil and foam to make it though, which is a big relief.

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