YouTuber Builds the World's Weirdest Fan by Using a Modern Bellows System

The next step now is to build it into a computer and make the world's first bellows-cooled PC.

Just how complicated and expensive a fan can get, you ask? Well, be prepared to find out.

No, we are not talking about the "human fans" or ventilators; we are talking computers here. In a particularly experimental mood, YouTuber DIY Perks basically decided to make mechanical lungs for cool a very hot PC by building a modern bellows system. 

The video shows the entire process, and it gets an A+ from us for the effort that was put into it and the ingenuity. 

We don't think anyone out there will actually try to do this; however, the methodology ultimately settled upon by the YouTuber is very interesting and might be of use to other cases. We'd love to see a computer actually being cooled down with this.

It makes some noise, but what would you expect from a magnetic, air pump that works vigorously? Some computers make more noise than this for sure. 

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