A YouTuber constructs a bike with wooden wheels and tests its range

He learned how to make the bike from a YouTube video.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We love bicycles. They are an eco-friendly fun way to get around and they provide a great way to exercise. In the past, you may remember that we brought you this video of an unrideable bike which demonstrated exactly how bikes work.

We also brought you this functioning bike that ran on two half wheels. Crazy!

Now, we bring you a new video of a YouTuber who made a bicycle out of wooden wheels. More specifically, it is a mountain bike which makes it even more exciting.

The question then becomes how does he connect the wooden wheels to a bike? A simple YouTube search provided an answer for our experimental and industrious YouTuber, and all he had to do was follow instructions.

So what does he do once he makes his special and unique wooden wheeled bike? Well, he tests it to see how long and how far it can go. It goes through all kinds of terrains and obstacles, and it seems to do quite well. Who would have thought?

If you want to see this wooden bike in action, make sure to watch the video, and perhaps you will be inspired to try this experiment yourself.

Good luck!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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