YouTuber Converts Volkswagen Passat into an Electric Vehicle

The YouTuber takes us through the complex conversion of his Passat, purchased in 2008.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you want an electric vehicle (EV) you could get a Tesla or you could do what this YouTuber did and convert an old car. YouTuber etischer bought a Volkswagen Passat on Craig's List in 2008 and decided it was better suited to being an electric vehicle.

It was an automatic transmission which he converted to a manual transmission during the process of converting it to an EV. He now charges the car with a 240 VAC circuit.

He has even installed a timer to make sure the car charges only after midnight when electricity is cheaper and has installed solar panels to reduce his cost of charging the vehicle. He uses a 1772 converter to use the public charging stations. 

Best of all, the total conversion only cost him $25K.

But to achieve this conversion he had to first build an inverter which he houses in the back trunk of his car. How did he do that? We won't give you the details. You have to watch the video for that.

We think you will be left impressed by the YouTuber's skills and may be inspired to build an EV of your own.




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