Youtuber Designs Glitter Bomb Packages to Scare Away Porch Pirates

This Youtuber designed a special box to punish porch pirates in an act of social justice engineering.
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Waiting on that Black Friday package feels like forever and the delivery time extends to eternity when your much-awaited goods are stolen by a hefty thief on a Wednesday morning when you are at work, huffing and puffing the time away while dreaming of your new AirPod.

It is a high probability that you've had this happen to you and the statistics show that you are not alone. According to a survey by Shorr Packaging nearly one in three online shoppers have had a package stolen from their front porch or doorway. These so-called "porch pirates" wait for those holiday seasons where the packages are rapidly coming in and look for prey to feast on with their prying eyes.

So, is your home being targeted by porch pirates? Maybe it is time for you to fight them back. The famous Youtube user Mark Rober decided to do just that after his package was stolen one and a half years ago.

He spent 10 months designing a bait package to lure would-be thieves to a custom-built package that releases a pound of fine glitter along with some other nasty surprises while recording them on four different cameras.

The box has a battery-powered custom printed circuit board on the bottom that has a built-in accelerometer. This enables the box to sense when it's been jostled and tells the 4 phones secured inside to start recording.

When the nasty thief opens the box, they are welcomed by a fart spray that will make them even nastier. The next blow is the spinning cup powered by a motor, which paints them in biodegradable glitter immediately.

After the glitter and the fart spray have successfully landed, the package starts counting down to nothing of course. It is not an actual bomb. However, the ending blow is the fake police scanner chatter that will surely scare the crap out of your so-called-pirate.

True to social justice engineering, he unleashed ten of these bait packages on random suburban porches all across America and recorded numerous unsuspecting thieves. In Disney fashion, the bad guys are punished for their crimes with glitter and farts and the chivalrous people who made sure that the box didn't get stolen are rewarded with a sum of money.

Also, the video features a fan-favorite star whom you might know from a Christmas classic. So, you might want to tune in even just for that.

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