YouTuber Develops Sand Machine That Erases Everything It Creates

The machine is called a Sisyphus and it is mesmerizing to watch.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber RCLifeOn engineers an amazing machine in this video called a Sisyphus. It is a sand plotting device that erases every pattern it creates as soon as it is finished and its name is based on the Greek myth of the king of Ephyra who was punished by Zeus.

Sisyphus was made to roll a giant boulder up a hill that would just fall back down all over again forcing him to keep pushing the boulder for all eternity.

The process for engineering this machine was no easy feat. The YouTuber began with a circular base under which he placed a magnet. That magnet would move the silver marble he would place in the sand.

RCLifeOn saw this machine as a more complex 3D printer. It was the 3D printer that would move the magnet around that would then control the marble that would create the pattern in the sand.

The YouTuber did struggle with the sand, however. He had to try several sand types and only the finest thinnest would work with his marble. RCLifeOn also placed some beautiful led lights that light up his Sisyphus machine with all kinds of wonderful colors.

The video is a testament to what can be achieved if one never gives up. RCLifeOn even doubts himself at one point saying he questions all his life choices but in the end, finds the solution to make his machine work.