YouTuber Disassembles iPhone 12 Pro Max to Check Out Its Insides

Its most impressive feature is probably its super advanced camera.

We have all wondered it before: What's in these iPhones that make them so expensive? Of course, as they're so pricey most of us never attempt to open one up and see.

Lucky for us, YouTuber JerryRigEverything decided to do that and not just with any phone. He took apart an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the latest and most advanced one.

The video starts out with JerryRigEverything carefully opening the phone up while trying not to break the glass, something he does successfully. What is it that the YouTuber wants to explore first? The camera units of course.

And JerryRigEverything gives a good explanation for this: "The reason we want to check out the camera units inside the Max is because Apple has engineered a new form of image stabilization that we have never seen inside of a smartphone before. It's called SensorShift and can stabilize an image at over 5000 times a second."

The YouTuber goes on to explain how this feature is a big step forward in the camera mobile game. But the key question he seeks to answer is how will it look like on the inside. That's not all he explores, of course, but you have to watch the video to find out the rest.

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