YouTuber Documents Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Evolution And It's Groundbreaking

It looks like Tesla is getting ready to break ground.
Loukia Papadopoulos

A YouTuber called “Tesla Kid Grünheide" has been following Tesla’s construction of its Gigafactory site near Berlin. He has now released a new and beautiful look at the site's evolution.

The video reveals that preparation at Gigafactory Berlin appears to have been completed. This is impressive, as CEO Elon Musk only announced the project last year.

The factory is located on a 300-hectare plot of land next to the GVZ Berlin-Ost Freienbrink industrial park. Musk has said that the factory will be used to build batteries, powertrains, and vehicles, starting with Model Y.

His goal was to have Model Y vehicles produced at the factory by July 2021. But the global pandemic may have cut into his plans.

Coronavirus concerns had caused Tesla to call back its U.S. employees from the site. And then the firm was plagued with problems with the soil.

However, this new video shows Tesla to be proceeding quite well. There is a pile driver at the site which indicates the firm is getting ready to break ground on the foundation for some of the first buildings. We wish Tesla luck while enjoying this beautiful view!

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