YouTuber Engineers All-Terrain Skateboard, Takes It On A Ride

The novel skateboard comes with all kinds of upgrades.

Skateboards are pretty cool vehicles of transportation but they are limited as to where they can go. What if someone built an all-terrain skateboard? What would it look like, where could it go, and at what speeds?

We may soon have answers to these questions as YouTuber Ivan Miranda built just such a skateboard and decided it to test on different terrains. What a joy ride!

To engineer his new skateboard for this video Miranda added several "improvements" to his already impressive previous all-terrain model. The first was a cover on the triangular wheels to protect him from the track. How ingenious!

He also took the motor out and put it on the inside of the skateboard so it would no longer be exposed on the outside. He then mounted it on a dedicated aluminum plate so it doesn't get too hot. Talk about some crafty engineering!

Finally, Miranda also improved the track tensioning mechanism by adding a printing place slider on the wheels and attaching it with a screw. The end result is that Miranda can tension the track just by twisting a screw. Talk about a useful innovation!

All that is left now is to test this advanced skateboard to see how it performs. Will it function as well as it seems or is the term all-terrain exaggerated? Watch to find out!

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