YouTuber Explores How Much Food the Human Stomach Can Hold

The video provides a demonstration with a real stomach from a cadaver.

With the holidays upon us, one thing is for sure: we are going to overeat. Sometimes we eat so much that we wonder: how does our stomach accommodate all that food?

YouTube channel the Institute of Human Anatomy decided to explore that question using a stomach from a human cadaver. The video begins by describing the external anatomy of the stomach and how it sits in the body.

The video explains each part of the stomach and what they each do. There's the fundus, the body, the sphincter, and the pylorus.

Each of these parts has a very specific function. They even have their own place in the body. The video goes on to explain that, oddly enough, the stomach is not placed where most children indicate they have a stomach ache.

It is actually higher than the spot that children hold on to when complaining of stomach pain. Could there be a reason for this or are they just adorable liars?

The video then explains what actually happens with children that have tummy aches, produces a demonstration where the cadaver stomach is filled with water, and even explains why your stomach doesn't eat itself due to all its acids. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Watch the video to see more.

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