YouTuber Explores the Wonders of Laminar Flow

If you have ever seen water look frozen like glass, chances are you have been exposed to the many wonders of laminar flow.

Laminar flow occurs naturally when a liquid flows in parallel layers. As opposed to turbulent flow, laminar flow creates a straight and parallel path leading to a look that seems like frozen glass.

If you are a little confused, don't worry. YouTuber SmarterEveryDay explores the concept and explains it smoothly.

The intrepid YouTuber first tries and fails at creating a laminar flow through a pool whole. He then goes on the hunt for other sources.

Meanwhile, he explains the definition of the concept and gives us some science background as well as a comparison to turbulent flow.

And he does finally create a laminar flow through his pool, but you have to watch the video to see the many shapes he then creates.

In his about description, SmarterEveryDay says "I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it."

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