YouTuber Explores What Happens When You Photocopy Money

Can money be photocopied?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Ceapa Cool is a YouTuber that focuses on photocopying the strangest of things from fire to the Cybertruck. In this video, Ceapa Cool decided to photocopy money.

At first, the YouTuber was hesitant to do try money because he thought nothing would happen. Much to his surprise, he found that photocopying money leads to the image being censored in the coolest way.

To examine whether the money is made so it cannot be photocopied or whether the machine has software protection that detects the money, Ceapa Cool decided to photocopy the money with an object next to it. It turned out that the protection was in the machine as the new object came out censored as well in the photocopy.

Then, the YouTuber suspected that the machine was picking up on these little dots on the money. So he tried photocopying the money while hiding the dots.

The money came out uncensored! With this fun experiment, Ceapa Cool was able to answer two questions: how does money turn out when photocopied and how does the machine detect that it is money.

Watch the video to see for yourself the cool way that money is censored by a photocopying machine.

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