YouTuber Explores Whether Humans Have an Internal Compass

Veritasium made himself a human test subject in a series of studies that look at whether humans can sense Earth's magnetic fields to orient themselves.

YouTuber Veritasium always brings us the strangest science-based videos. In this latest edition, he does not hold back.

He puts himself through the oddest experiment to test if humans have an internal compass. Animals are known to have internal compasses.

Birds and even dogs can detect Earth's magnetic fields and use them to orient themselves. Now, a team of researchers visited by Veritasium is seeking to test if humans can do the same.

If you are wondering how this may be possible, Veritasium tells you to consider "that magnetite crystals have been found in the human brain that closely resemble those of magnetically active bacteria."

There were even studies conducted on this matter in the early 1980s where students were blindfolded and taken on tours to see if they could identify where they came from.

The question of the study is actually quite a controversial topic today. Lucky for us, Veritasium made himself a subject for the researchers.

We won't tell you what the research revealed for his sense of direction. You have to watch the video for that.

We will tell you it is exciting to see this study on humans come to life through every step. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

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