YouTuber Films Oxy-Acetylene Explosions at 330 000 FPS

The YouTuber famous for destroying things with a hydraulic press is now building some pretty awesome stuff.

YouTuber Beyond the Press is back, but this time they're not destroying things with a hydraulic press. Instead, they are building some pretty awesome stuff. 

"Oxy-Acetylene bubbles filmed with Chronos Ring at 330 000 frames per second! Chronos ring is 4-10 faster than any other high-speed camera used by Youtube channel resulting in some really awesome videos! Don't try this at home! Oxy-Acetylene is really dangerous and it should be used only by experts," reads the channel's video description.

What is a Chronos Ring, you might ask?

Well, it is a giant camera created by putting together a ring of 72 Chronos 1.4 high-speed cameras.

Talk about going all out. Just seeing the ring is impressive. But nothing beats the footage that the YouTubers get.

The shapes that the Oxy-Acetylene bubbles show on the cameras are mesmerizing. From planet's seen from the inside to giant volcanoes, there are many ways to describe what the footage shows.

However, we won't tell you more. You can't really describe the footage captured as words will fall short. So, we urge you to watch this entertaining video yourself to find out what we mean.

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