YouTuber Fires 20mm Round At Three 2.5-Inch Aluminum Plates

YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian and his crew try out an experiment with a 20 mm round rifle.

What happens when you fire a 20mm round at three 2.5-inch aluminum plates? YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian and his pals decided to find out.

Out in the desert, the intrepid YouTuber collected three aluminum plates and used a bullet with a tungsten core to see if it could penetrate the plates. The rifle used to fire the bullet is the Typhon 20.

The team then shoots at the plates and film it in slow motion from several angles. It is fascinating to watch the bullet go through all the plates, while they fall one by one.

It is also exciting to watch the hole that the gun makes in the plates. At the end of the experiment, the YouTubers are excited to see the bullet spinning on the surface of the floor.

"I wonder if its hot," says, Sarkissian. It turns out the bullet is not even hot.

"This is so beautiful," says Sarkissian while looking at the bullet as the others comment that there is no damage to the bullet whatsoever.

"This is tungsten" adds Sarkissian. "It's really tough stuff." You bet it is!

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