YouTuber Fixes $500 Car That Doesn't Work and Gets It Running

He buys a car that doesn't work for $500 and fixes it to make a $2,100 profit.
Derya Ozdemir

Do you have a car that won’t start that you got from a yard sale? This handy mechanic shows how you can get that car from zero to 100.

For less than a thousand dollars, ChrisFix gets this 2005 Chevy TrailBlazer LT nice and running. If you ever had the nagging thought of buying yourself an affordable project car and fixing it up at home on a budget while using common hand tools, this might be the time for it. He even has the necessary tools for it listed. 

Moreover, it is always nice to see a car being back from the dead. It was destined for the scrapper, and now it will probably be a family car for a house in the suburbs. 

On a side note, the way this video was filmed screams Skyrim for some reason. It is bound to make you feel like you’re getting car fixing lessons from a Nord in Whiterun, in a very distant future of course.

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