YouTuber Hacks Into His Car from His Laptop

Be careful: hacking into any other car but your own is illegal.

What if you could open your car from your laptop? One YouTuber decided to try it out and found the perfect hack for it.

And this was no Tesla, which comes equipped with advanced options like a door-opening app. It was a 2014 Mini with a really simple opening mechanism based on the vehicle's key.

In his video, YouTuber Steve Mould describes how these unlocking keys work and how they can sometimes be dangerous due to hackers. He then explains why he decided to take such an adventure.

He says that there's an arms race between hackers and those who make car keys. He stated that simply by hiding near a car and recording the binary code that a car key uses to open it, you can replay it and have access to said car.

We don't need to explain to you why this is very dangerous. Mould went on to conduct his car hack through his laptop to illustrate further the many dangers of the clickable car key.

The YouTuber took us through every step of his hack so that you can also perform it should you wish to access your car in such a manner. He did, however, note that hacking any vehicle other than your own is of course illegal.

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