YouTuber Measures the Exact Force That Human Tooth Can Take

Had a particularly painful wisdom-teeth removal? Here is how to get revenge.
Derya Ozdemir

Have you ever wondered just how strong your teeth are? We've all seen those Facebook posts that go "you can bite off your finger like a carrot, but your brain stops you from doing it" and such. While we advise no one to actually try that, the force our jaws and teeth hold is actually very interesting. 

In this video, the famous Hydraulic Press Channel uses a 40-ton hydraulic press and a 20-ton force sensor to measure the exact force that teeth can take. You shouldn't ever try to bite anything exceptionally hard to test the results of this experiment, it is just a cool thing to watch that'll broaden your horizon.

It is amazing how teeth can withstand massive forces and survive for long years after our deaths, but at the same time, immediately rot and fall after you eat too much sugar. We're guessing sugar is the real champion here. 

Moreover, isn't there something painful about watching a tooth get absolutely smashed? It gives a certain feeling of toothache.


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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