YouTuber Pours Molten Aluminum on Glass Structures and the Result is Mesmerizing

TheBackyardScientist does some crazy cool experiments.

Glass structures are beautiful to look at, but they also melt and crack in weird, crazy cool ways. YouTuber TheBackyardScientist knows this, and he decided to do some pretty cool experiments with them.

First, he took a glass sphere and put it into a kiln. Then, very slowly, he increased its temperature, so it doesn't break or melt. His plan was to then put it in a fish tank filled with water.

Then the YouTuber put a square glass structure on a table and poured molten aluminum all over it. Surprisingly, the square did not break at first, and even when it broke, it managed to sustain its overall structure.

The YouTuber then took another glass structure, and this time threw it in the molten aluminum. This resulted in a big explosion that saw fire escape to the yard.

But that's not all. Next, he poured aluminum on a sphere. The aluminum hugged the sphere and created a cool silver structure.

These experiments are fun to read about, but they are even funner to watch. So make sure not to miss this entertaining video. 

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