YouTuber Provides Insight Into Austria’s Billion-Euro Nuclear Reactor That Was Never Switched On

Here is why communication is the key, not just in relationships, but between governments and their people.
Derya Ozdemir

Austria once built a nuclear reactor as a power plant before they asked the citizens whether they wanted one. See what we mean when we say that communication matters?

This investment was a move towards forwarding the country and making it better and more efficient. However, in the eyes of many, the decision was extremely controversial. A referendum was held, and 50.5% would say “No”.

The problem was that the reactor was already built. They just hadn’t turned it on yet. It remained closed, and as of today, the facility has its uses but doesn’t generate nuclear power. Apparently, from now and then, music festivals are held inside the nuclear facility - which is awesome, by the way. Who wouldn't want to party in a decades-old power giant? So, we might think of the reactor as a very very expensive public gathering place.