YouTuber Punches Water So Hard Light Comes Out

YouTuber 'The Thought Emporium' trapped a bubble with ultrasound and forced it to expand so that it suddenly contracts and becomes a flash of light
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber The Thought Emporium shares with us an experiment that took him five years to complete. What he achieved was trapping a bubble with ultrasound and forcing it to expand so that it suddenly contracts and becomes a flash of light.

He called it "Punching Water So Hard LIGHT Comes Out." He further added that it was the "finest wizardry he had produced on the channel."

"It involves some of the most interesting physics I have ever worked with and produces conditions that over the span of a fraction of a millisecond range from potentially minus 269 degrees to upwards of 10 000 degrees," said the YouTuber at the beginning of his video.

How did he conduct this unique experiment? He used a flask of water and stuck an ultrasound transducer to the bottom of it.

He then aimed to drive the transducer at the resident frequency of the flask. But that was no easy task. It took him five years and several trials to perfect.

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We won't tell you more about his process. You have to watch the video for that. What we will tell you is that the light is quite beautiful and the experiment, fascinating.

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