YouTuber Puts Flag in a Vacuum to See if Flags Can Wave on the Moon

Conspiracy theorists claim the moon landing is fake because a flag would not flutter on the moon. This Youtuber sought to prove them wrong.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you have ever seen video footage of the landing of the moon, when the astronauts were struggling to get the flag erect, the flag was fluttering in the wind. This has caused conspiracy theorists to claim the moon landing was fake because a flag could not flutter without wind.

In order to prove them wrong, YouTuber The Action Lab created his own mini moon flag and put it in a vacuum to see if it would move.

He did this by putting the flag in a see-through container and sucking the air out. He then proceeded to shake the container and low and behold the flag did flutter.

"In this video I put a flag in my vacuum chamber to see if flags can flutter or wave in a vacuum. I talk about the moon landing and show the footage of the astronauts putting the flag up. The flag appears to move and flutter seemingly in the wind. Can a flag wave in a vacuum? Watch this video to figure out why or why a flag waves in a vacuum like space," says the video's description.

The Action Lab goes on to explain how inertia causes the flag to wave but you have to watch the video for that!

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