YouTuber Restores 1998 Model Junk "Game Boy Color" Back to Its Glory Days

Thanks to this YouTuber, this 20-something-year-old "Game Man" is turned back to its "Game Boy" days.
Derya Ozdemir

Do you happen to have a 20-year-old, completely beat-up Game Boy that you’ve been thinking about getting rid of? You will rethink your decision after watching this video.

This tech YouTuber has restored a completely broken "Game Boy Color" and brought it literally back to life from death. Having bought it for $2, he addressed that everything except the speaker was broken. To give you an idea about how old it is, let’s just say that the "Game Boy Color" was first introduced in 1998 and wasn’t discontinued until 2003.

As you’d imagine, the old-boy was in pretty bad shape. With motherboard not turning on, the shell being yellowed and the screen completely burnt, this was a pretty ambitious project. 

Thankfully, being a tech expert has its perks. You can watch the 20 minutes of tech magic where he brings the old machine back in action.

Also, all that build-up pays off nicely when you get to see the text expert capturing 4 Pokemons with the finished product. It is sure to bring back some memories.

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