YouTuber Shines a High-Powered Laser on Whitest White and Blackest Black

The blackest black burns almost immediately whereas the whitest white does not even register any heat.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTube show The Action Lab decided to test the whitest white and the blackest black using a high-powered laser. But first, he takes us through the true definition of white.

White is white because it reflects al off the wavelengths of light coming on to it equally. No matter what your incoming angle light source is, you just get a bunch of light coming out from every direction. 

The YouTuber uses Spectralon for his experiment which reflects over 99% of light hitting it. That is why it is so white.

He compares it to other whites and finds it to be significantly whiter. He then tests it by reflecting different colored lights on it.

Each time the Spectralon becomes the same color as the light being shined on it. Then the YouTuber takes Black.3.0, the blackest black on Earth.

He puts both these elements next to each other and tests them by shooting a high-powered laser on them. The Black 3.0 begins to burn immediately whereas the Spectralon does not burn at all. 

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The YouTuber says the Spectralon does not even register any heat despite being shot with a high-powered laser. This is because 99% of the light is being diffused off the Spectralon.

The Action Lab is "a channel dedicated to performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask! "

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