YouTuber Shows How Seattle's Famous Space Needle Was Built with 3D Animation

The perfect engineering and architecture is crowned with a flying saucer, as a nod to the space race of 1960s.

The iconic Space Needle might have intrigued you at one point, and this video is for those wanderers out there. It uses 3D animation to show the building and inside of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

It also talks about the way it was built and what you should expect from your next quarantine-free trip. You might have never even heard of this building before; however, after watching this video, it will be definitely in your "places to visit" list. 

Step by step, he builds the Space Needle from scratch, it’s a one-man-job as you’d imagine. Afterwards, he talks you through its numerous floors, gift shops, and observation decks. You can admire its perfect engineering and architecture while looking at the satisfying 3D animations. He truly doesn't miss anything.

One fact that might pique your interest: since everyone was obsessed with winning the space race in the 1960s, the top of the Space Needle was made to look like a flying saucer. Sweet, right?




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