YouTuber Stops Laser Beam in Mid-Air with His Bare Hands

Tom Scott stops a laser beam and explains how he did it. Beware: it's hot.
Derya Ozdemir

Here is the thing: lasers travel at the speed of light, so you might be thinking that what you’re seeing is the work of some CGI effects. However, according to the YouTuber Tom Scott, this is completely genuine and is happening on-camera.

Not only the laser is visible to the eye, but Tom Scott also stops the laser seemingly in the middle of thin-air, Kylo Ren-style. You might be asking how that could happen: thankfully, this video does one hell of a job of explaining it. 

We don’t want to spoil it; however, let’s just say that the person who programmed the laser holds a lot of importance here.

If you happened to find a laserist (it’s a real job) and perform the stunt yourself, you should know that the laser is real, and it really does burn.

So yes, there is a trick, and that trick is about programming like all the good things are.

Moreover, this video also features everyone’s favorite scene recreated from the 90s. With the laser-twist, it is now even hotter (pun intended).

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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