YouTuber Tests Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot on an Obstacle Course

Adam Savage took Spot an outdoor obstacle course where the robot had to climb over rocks and crawl through tunnels.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber Adam Savage, who also happens to be the “MythBusters” co-host, decided to test Boston Dynamics' Spot robot for his “Tested” YouTube series. Needless to say, Savage was very excited about the project.

“This is an object I have coveted for years — literally years,” Savage said in his video “Time for some adventures!”

So, what are these adventures Savage speaks of? Savage took Spot on an outdoor obstacle course where the robot was challenged to climb over rocks and crawl through tunnels.

The robot performed exceptionally well on all obstacles.

Boston Dynamics likely chose Savage to exhibit what their robot can do because the YouTuber is well-known in the science and technology circles. And the move paid off as Savage called Spot a miracle.

“I’ve always thought these things were magnificent pieces of engineering every time I’ve seen them,” Savage said in the video. “But actually running them through his paces makes it clear on an even deeper level what a miracle Spot is.”

Still, the robot can seem daunting to some who fear the Robocalypse, especially since Spot may soon be used by law enforcement.