Youtuber Tests Tesla Model 3 to See if it Stops for a Person

i1 Tesla's host put his Model 3's Autopilot system to the test using a life-sized prop. Don't worry though, no humans were endangered in the making of this video.

We've all heard the news about the Tesla Autopilot-related accidents. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and others have defended the system's features saying it often prevents crashes.

Now, YouTuber i1 Tesla has decided to test the system himself with the help of "his little friend" box boy. Before you start to worry, rest assured no human was put in danger for the making of this clip.

Box boy, as his name indicates, is a person-sized concoction made of cardboard, fitted with cameras and dressed in a hat. i1Tesla's host puts box boy in a few tricky situations to see if his Tesla Model 3 will stop for his paper-based sidekick.

Aside from seeing Autopilot in action, the video is worth watching just to get a glimpse of new YouTube star box boy. The clip's dummy was a hit with viewers who asked if he would be available for parties and photo shoots.

i1 Tesla's video offers split screens that show the view from the driver's perspective as well box boy's. He also gives us views of the Model 3's impressive dashboard.

Finally, the YouTuber explains his experiment's results while box boy sits faithfully by his side. The video is a fun nifty test, however, it does provide some useful insights into Autopilot.

And of course, we could not get enough of box boy. We hope this won't be the last we see of this little cardboard companion!

Via: i1 Tesla 

Youtuber Tests Tesla Model 3 to See if it Stops for a Person




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