YouTuber Tries to Find His House in Flight Simulator 2020

The next thing he should do is to find out whether he can park it on his parking lot.
Derya Ozdemir

Be it Google Maps or Google Earth, all of us are probably guilty of trying to find and zoom in on our houses for no apparent reason whatsoever. There is nothing like it: Doesn't it give you the impression of being "seen"? If only your house is represented in them or if you actually have a house, of course.

Well, Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 has joined the ranks of the others by integrating Bing Maps into its latest version. This has made finding your house while steering a plane above it possible, which is what YouTuber ObsidianAnt set out to do in this video. 

With the question of "Will I be able to find my house?", he tries to get as close as he can get to finding an answer and it is a relaxing experience as much as it is an interesting video. The visuals are beautifully detailed and make you long for those COVID-19 free days where you could hop on the plane to see new places. All in all, a great video, indeed!

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