YouTuber Turns a Treadmill Into a PS4 Controller For Fitness Purposes

Making your character walk in a video game has never been harder before.
Derya Ozdemir

Who said you have to be a couch potato while playing video games? This video shows how you can buff yourself up while playing video games.

Allen Pan, a YouTuber who has studied electrical engineering, has turned what everyone has thought of once into a reality. He transformed his treadmill into a PlayStation 4 controller to force him to exercise. 

The idea is simple but revolutionary: walking on the treadmill will make the game character start walking, and they'll stop when you stop. Kind of like VR only for your legs! Neat, right? 

And he accomplishes just that! After a number of complex steps, he manages to sync the treadmill to the PlayStation 4 controller, and, of course, his favorite game, Death Stranding.

It sounds mad-fun, however, imagine walking the entire distance between Whiterun and The Throat of the World in Skyrim. It would take you probably one week, and you’d be in shape by the time you finished the main plot.

So, there are two possible outcomes of this project: you either stop playing your favorite game all the time, or you just start getting fitter. Both are probably good for your health, which means that it is a win-win situation.  

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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