YouTuber Turns Lawn Mower into a Monster Blender That Can Shred Coke Cans

This monster blender can shred coke cans. It is created from an electric lawn mower by genius DIY guy Giaco Whatever.
Jessica Miley

A blender is a must-have kitchen item if you are into shakes, or more importantly margaritas. But what would happen if you scaled up a kitchen blender to the size of a small fridge? Ponder no longer, because Giaco Whatever has the answer. The refined scientist has taken an electric lawn mower, stripped it down and used its high-speed blades to create the ultimate blender.

In typical Giaco Whatever style, the video is a perfect blend of how-to, dramatic soundtrack and lots of very satisfying slow motion. Once again this is a video that shouldn’t inspire you to do this at home, but rather sit back and enjoy the pleasure of watching coke cans and ping-pongs being slowly chopped up into millions of pieces. 

The blender project was inspired when Giaco Moved into a new house without a lawn and hence didn’t need his lawn mower. As he explains in the description of the video he could have sold the mower for a couple of hundred bucks, but instead he, of course, created this radical blender. In fact, he loves the project so much he is ready to swap out the lawn mower engine for something much bigger. We can’t wait!

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