YouTuber Uses BattleBot 'Red Devil' To Destroy an Office

The famed fighter Red Devil is having the most action-packed retirement ever.

Buckle up to have a blast with robots: BattleBots is a robot combat show in which players build and run RC armed machines designed to fight in an arena. It has had many robots come and go; however, for today, the star of the video above is Red Devil, a robot equipped with a grappling arm and saw blade that competed in the second season of ABC's BattleBots reboot. In September 2020, its previous version was purchased by the popular YouTuber William Osman, who commented he wouldn't be competing with the robot but that his followers would see it in his videos more often than not. 

While BattleBots are originally designed to combat other robots in a combat area, in the world of YouTube, most stuff isn't off-limits. In this kind of silly yet wonderfully entertaining video, Osman uses his Red Devil to help a friend who needed assistance destroying an office. In perhaps the most action-packed William Osman video ever, the famed Red Devil can be seen enjoying its retirement to the fullest by destroying stuff, one piece of furniture at a time.

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