YouTuber Uses Math to Stick to Walls Like Spider-Man

It's not very complicated math but it's math just the same.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Let's face it! We have all dreamed of being superheroes but not many of us are brave enough to actually try it out. 

Luckily, one YouTuber decided to attempt to climb like Spider-Man and decided to videotape it for all to see. How did he do this? By using math.

According to Liam Thompson's video, his journey began when he was watching a video of how strong Flex tape is. In the clip, a man was lifting a very heavy weight (45 pounds) using only Flex tape.

Thompson calculated that if one piece of weight could lift 45 pounds, more pieces could effectively handle his body weight. Not exactly complicated math but math nonetheless!

He then attached the famous Flex tape to some shoes and gloves. And that's it! That was his entire plan. The question now becomes did it work?

Well, that all depends on your definition of "working." Thompson announced that he would end his video once he managed to stick to a wall for 30 seconds.

It should also be noted that the wall in question must be unpainted because the paint would stick to the gloves and shoes making them useless. It all sounds a bit crazy to us but it's fun to watch!

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