YouTuber Uses Real Science to Explain Why Invisibility is a Terrible Thing

Self-proclaimed science nerdist Kyle Hill explains why real-world invisibility would indeed be quite a horrific thing for a human being.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Invisibility is one of the most highly coveted superpowers showing up in science fiction everywhere from Star Trek to Harry Potter. Recently a group of researchers has also found a way to create a new class of material that bends light in such a way as to mimic a functional invisibility cloak. 

The news was revealed with much excitement with scientists on the project Chad A. Mirkin of the Mirkin Research Group at Northwestern University saying: “We can make structures that nobody’s ever even conceived of before; this is a true man-over-nature event.” But is invisibility really all it has been cracked up to seem?

According to one self-proclaimed science nerdist, the super capability might actually be a quite a terrible thing no human should ever want. using real-world math and science facts, YouTuber and science lover Kyle Hill explains exactly why you should fear invisibility not covet it.

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The superpower would have some pretty devastating consequences such as making you blind. Hill explores many avenues to invisibility and all of them carry their own set of gigantic problems including some tricky weather-related complications.

And of course, there is also the issue that you could not wear any clothes! the video is interesting and fun to watch and in the end, it makes you grateful to be just a mere human. 

YouTuber Uses Real Science to Explain Why Invisibility is a Terrible Thing

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