YouTubers Build a $4,500 Bathroom Scale That Can Carry About 240 Tons

Then, they used their 150-ton hydraulic press to test its accuracy.
Derya Ozdemir

"It's like having a 1000-horsepower car: It's not necessary, but good to have, and it's better than your neighbor's." This is how the duo at YouTube channel Beyond the press describes their invention in their latest video. The team builds the world's strongest, most over-the-top, and most expensive bathroom scale just for the fun of it and does an accuracy test with their 150-ton hydraulic press, which is what they're most known for. From forging a three-ton steel ring to cracking diamonds, we've covered most of their shenanigans with their hydraulic press, and they most definitely never fail to entertain.

By spending approximately $4,500, the tinkering duo builds a bathroom scale that can hold around 240 tons. So this bathroom scale can probably weigh anything you might have in the bathroom. You never know when you'll need to weigh your entire house, so this might come in handy. If you're curious to see how they built it and it being tested out, make sure you watch the video embedded above.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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