YouTubers Build World's First Protosaber: a Real Burning Star Wars Lightsaber

The innovative lightsaber plugs into a battery pack but manages to turn red and make the signature Star Wars swooshing sound.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Fake Star Wars lightsabers can be bought at any store and we have to admit they do make a fun gift. They light up and even make noise, but it is all for show.

What if someone wanted a real burning lightsaber? The YouTubers at the Hacksmith wanted one, and they decided to build one right in their own garage.

It wasn't an easy task, however. In order to work, a real lightsaber would need at least 1.69 gigajoules of thermal energy and about 120, 280 AA batteries. 

That's why in the end they created a protosaber. It is a lightsaber that plugs into a portable battery pack.

But does it have the characteristics of a real lightsaber, you may ask? Yes, it does! It actually burns and looks red and it even makes the signature Star Wars swooshing sound when you move it around.

It creates a bit more fire than an actual lightsaber when cutting something up and does not come in a blue shade, but we won't hold that against them. Although we would never dare try this at home, we are impressed at how they brought something from science fiction into real life!

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