YouTubers Crush 15 Metals Using Hydraulic Press To Find the Strongest

Can you guess which one will prevail?

Hydraulic presses crushing things never go old -- there is something incredibly satisfying about watching a 150-ton monster crush through anything from candies to actual diamonds

In their most recent video, the fun-loving couple from the Hydraulic Press Channel puts some of the pure elemental metals to the test to answer which is the strongest. Some of the metals they test are titanium, aluminum, copper, iron, tin, tungsten, magnesium, and bismuth, gold, silver, steel, brass, and more. To see how many tons they can take, they get their 150-ton hydraulic press and 150-ton force sensor out and put things into action behind their strong blast shield and personal protection equipment. 

You'll definitely enjoy watching the elements slowly get crushed under the pressure of the hydraulic press, and the funny comments from the channel host definitely help, too.

We've covered a good portion of the duo's other videos, so if you're on a hydraulic press binge, you should definitely continue from this video where they flatten batteries like a pancake.

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